According the The Wall Street Journal, Cricket under Leap Wireless, a small pre-paid carrier in the U.S. doesn’t do well selling their iPhone.  Last May 2012, Cricket was the first pre-paid (pay-as-you-go, no-contract) carrier to sell Apple iPhone.  Leap has about 5.3 million total subscribers however they are having a tough time selling them.  It has to do with technological limitations that can’t sell the iPhone in most markets.  They also said they could face $100 million worth of unsold iPhone when the contract is completed this June.  It looks like Cricket had another plan which they have good deal to offer $500 for an unlocked iPhone 5 instead of $649 to give a slight break for new customers to pay the full price or easy way to pay monthly.  After sign up for it, monthly plan is $55 a month for an “unlimited” with 2.5GB data plan.