Hulu Plus and have Apple TV at home, don’t forget to get version 5.2.1 since it was released today with bug fixes and redesigned Hulu app.

One nice thing about this, users are now can be able to hold down the “select” button to access the subtitles and audio menu for captioning, and it should be similar to Netflix app. We do recognize that another update said about subtitles in “Stability and performance: includes improvements for software update, subtitles, and general performance.” We have a reason to believe that it might help to improve movies and TV shows in Hulu Plus, Netflix and iTunes, or perhaps, it is for Hulu Plus app only.

We will be sure to contact Apple to find more information about this and let everyone knows here sometimes soon. If you notice something different about subtitles in Hulu Plus, Netflix and/or iTunes, feel free to share it with us here anytime.