Many people in the world know that the tablet or the e-reader are not permitted to use during takeoff and landing which is sometimes bothering while take off on a plane. It doesn’t make any difference if the device is in airplane mode due to that the rules are simply the rules but there is a possibility that the rule might change this year.


According to the report stated in The New York Times, entire industry group are working with FAA to study the issue and to see if the rules can be flexible in allowing the passengers to use e-readers or tablets like iPads this year while they take off on a plane. The FAA will make an announcement on July 31st this year if the issue of this regulation can loosen a bit. Of course, cellphones are still banned since it has risks than tablets and e-readers.


Senator Claire McCaskill made a comment in which it said that she made a promise to introduce a legislation to force the FAA to be flexible about this rule because she doesn’t think it is fair that airline pilots and flight attendants do use iPads during flights awhile passengers are still restricted with it. If it is true that FAA gave them approval, it will be good chance to start for passengers.