So far we all know that iPad 5th and iPad Mini 2nd should be released in October or November and mostly like will not be in same event for iPhone 5S and possible “iPhone 5C” on September 10th. The latest report from Wall Street Journal said that Apple is working on bigger screens for the iPhone, with experiments ranging from 4.8-inch to 6-inch screen, a significant increase from the 4-inch screen on the iPhone 5.

larger iPhone concept by Martin Hajek

Apple executives said their goal to make sure it can be right size for future iPhone and how it can be held and comfortable in one hand. About the future screen size, Apple is most focused on 4.8-inches instead of 6-inches. We know for sure that it is impossible to be introduced this year and mostly like we will see more news about it till next year.

Source: The Wall JournalĀ