If you’re planning to buy a new iPhone and you’re looking for a new carrier, Sprint has an intriguing promotion. It is offering customers that switch to Sprint an additional $100 off of the iPhone 5s or the iPhone 5c.

Sprint iPhone prices

Like AT&T and Verizon, Sprint is offering the 16GB iPhone 5c for $99.99 and the 16GB iPhone 5s for $199.99 with a two-year contract. But if you’re moving your phone number over from a different carrier, Sprint will take an extra $100 off the price of either phone. That makes the 16GB iPhone 5s $99.99 or the 16GB iPhone 5c completely free, and singles out Sprint as the least expensive place you can get these phones right now. This promotion also applies to the variants of each phone with higher storage capacities.

Sprint announced a similar deal to this for the Moto X last week, and is actually offering this promotion for all of its smartphones right now. It’s a good deal if you were already planning to switch Sprint. Of course, $100 isn’t a lot of money over the course of a two-year contract. When looking for a new carrier you should take coverage and performance into consideration just as much as price.

This article was originally published via Gigaom website.

Source: Gigaom