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Want the latest and greatest iPhone? Sell your old one to help you buy the new!

It used to be, especially in North America, that you signed up for a cell phone contract, chose your phone, and didn’t change it until it was time to sign up for a new contract. Now, however, we’re increasingly seeing people buy a new iPhone one year, use all the great features it comes with, and then sell it so they can better afford the next, new model. Whether you’re looking to upgrade to the widely anticipated iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus—or whatever Apple ends up calling them—as fast as possible or just looking to sell off your older devices to raise some extra cash, here’s everything you need to know to know!

When should I sell?

Selling an iPhone isn’t exactly like selling stocks, but there is one major similarity—you want to sell when prices are high. Typically that’s right before the next model is announced. After that, everyone else is trying to sell or interest switches to the new models, and prices start to go down.

While it could change at any time, for the last few years Apple has shown off new iPhones in the second week of September and releases them at the end of the third.

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