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9 tips for finding the perfect angle in iPhone photography


One of the most important things determining the quality of a photo is the angle from which it was taken. Even if you have a really interesting subject and you follow the most important composition guidelines, you still need to find that unique and interesting angle to really make your photo shine.

In this article I’m going to share my 9 best tips for finding the perfect angle so that your iPhone photos really stand out and look as great as they possibly can…

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Issues With iMessage After Updating To iOS 7? Here’s How To Fix Them


It seems a lot of users who upgraded to iOS 7 last month are having issues with iMessage. Apple’s Support Communities forums are full of complaints from disgruntled iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users who cannot send or receive iMessages anymore, and you’ll find plenty of people voicing their frustrations on Twitter, too.

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How to delete message from iOS devices in iOS 7


iOS 6 used to be simple to delete text message from your iOS devices but now with new iOS 7 came out last week, it becomes different and new. You still have ability to delete entire message conversations by swiping to the left in the list of all your messages but how do you delete specific messages? That’s why you are here and we will show you how to do it.

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Where to trade in your old iPhone


Ready to trade up? Apple’s new Reuse and Recycling Program is just one of many options for selling or trading your old iPhone for a new model.

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Guide: How to pre-order the iPhone 5c before it gets sold out (video)

Tutorial video: How to use camera connection kit for iPad

For mobile users, if the video is not clear, click here to watch it in full HD via Vimeo

Apple Deaf News: How to set up Apple TV

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